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Handmade Dog Collars to Inspire Your Journey Together

and accessories to help you discover the most vibrant, colorful version of yourself

20181020_15-56-43 Sui and Eddie (A Zahra
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Make The Difference

Join us on the journey to protect and restore the wilderness.

Every product plants pine trees in North America.

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Add the trees for each product in your order to know your impact

Black and White Husky crouched in forest while wearing sky blue handmade dog collar
two black pine trees icon
black pine tree icon
Handmade reflective dog leash with cushioned handle lying on rock with white dog in background
two black pine trees icon
Handmade dog leash pink and purple poop bag dispenser with colorful bag protruding from stainless eyelet
black pine tree icon
Small brown and black puppy wearing handwoven dog bandana and lying on handmade dog travel bed
4 black pine trees
Pensive-lookiing White dog lies on rocks with same engraved, hand-painted image on black 16oz latte mug
black pine tree icon
Woman and German Shepherd dog lay in tent looking out at lake
Degraded frame 3x2 300p.png
Chasing Tails Cover_20191011 300p70Q.jpg
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Every sign up plants a pine tree

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Los Angeles, CA, USA + Panajachel, Guatemala