Pack Only What You Need to Thrive

Whether you and your pup are hoofing it around town or road-tripping across a continent, bring your keys, cash, camera, and a daring spirit. In other words, bring everything and only what you need to thrive.


Camera or bag strap in fruit and berry colors with stainless lobste clips and dual adjusters
Plants one pine tree icon in green

Every travel accessory plants a pine tree to protect and preserve the wilderness.

Knotted + Reflective + Unforgettable

starting at $50

Colorful strap for camera or bag made from stainless hardware and richly colorful handwoven fabric
Camera-bag strap made from hand-tied macrame and handwoven fabric in shades of green and brown

Embroidered + Unique + Enduring

starting at $50

Knotted + Reflective + Stunning

starting at $50

NHZ MONEY POUCH IN LAM 20191120_001 (LR)

Woven + Zippered + Dual Compartments



Woven + Water-Resistant + Roll Top


FMK KEYCHAIN IN LAV 20191120_001 (LR) 40

Knotted + Reflective + Unforgettable


Woman and German Shepherd dog lay in tent looking out at lake
Degraded frame 3x2 300p.png
Chasing Tails Cover_20191011 300p70Q.jpg
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