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TDP TKR Bedroll_Sizes-Colors-Open-Rolled

TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll

Blaze your own trail and the curl up to

rest those tender paws


Get All the Extraordinary Features that Your Dog Deserves

Plush, durable, and washable fabric top handwoven from naturally dyed cotton

Lightweight portable and waterproof bottom and matching rollup travel strap

Integrated cushion and sleeping bag inside to add orthopedic memory foam

Use for the best outdoor sleep or for padding the bottom of a crate or kennel

Available in three sizes and four designs that are colorfast and machine washable




Your deserving pup is ready to leap outside and have extraordinary adventures with you. We want to help, so check out our


10 Tips for Hiking and Camping with Your Dog.

Cozy Up for the Details

Extraordinary things happen when you shake up your ordinary routine.


It’s exciting but it’s also scary to try something new, which is why it’s so important to bring the comfort of home with you whenever you do.


That's why, every RUFFLY bed is runway ready, outdoor tough, and shares your values.

Inspired designs in radiant colors so your dog can blaze a trail

Hand-built from top quality materials to perform and last

Leather-free and sustainably artisan-made at fair wages

So, now all you need to do is:

Pick the pattern


Choose your size






No more being scared to try something new!

So, outfit your dog in the unique, quality gear they deserve, and then take them out to run, play, and enjoy their most extraordinary life with you!

It’s easy and worry-free with our

RUFFLY Guarantee:

We guarantee your gear will be runway ready, outdoor tough, and shares your values but, if you’re not convinced, send it back for a full refund – and shipping is on us.



Watch Jess Break It Down in a Detailed Gear Review

We just got our TREKKER bed and it’s amazing! Ghost loves it and we can’t wait to take it on an adventure!

Ellie Mae loves her new bed. Can’t wait until we go camping again.

– Darci E.

Roll It Up for Your Dog’s Most Extraordinary Days and Unroll It for Their Most Comfortable Nights

Our unique, handwoven and water-resistant dog travel beds are hand-built for quality, comfort, and long days on the trail.


Pick the pattern, choose your, and get the gear!

Sunday morning hangs on our favorite travel bed.

– Emily M.

– Celeste B.



Logo for heartwarming dog videos called Kibble for the Soul

There’s a whole world out there to experience with your dog. Check out Moxie’s discoveries and then get started on your own.

Your Dog Deserves to Rest in Extraordinary Comfort – on and off the Trail


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Want All Natural?

Need Soft & Sturdy?

Tired of Broken Collars?

Fed up with the Racket?

What Does the Color You Choose for Your Dog Say About Them?

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