Color Your Adventures


Paint your adventure in bold colors! Every vibrant handwoven dog travel bed, bandana, and poop bag dispenser is built from sturdy, vegan materials to suit the active outdoor dog on-the-go.


TDP TKR Bedroll in ETB (SM) 20200114_001
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NHZ TKR Bandana in UJS (MD) 20200110_001
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TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll

New Horizons TREKKER Bandana

Woven + Lightweight + Active

starting at $8

Woven + Water-Resistant + Roll up

starting at $50

OPP Poop Bag Dispenser in WAW 20200108_0
product review video_grey-rounded 100p.p

Only Paw Prints Poop Bag Dispenser

Woven + No-Dangle + In-Dispensable


Vibrantly Natural

Durable, tightly handwoven, cotton fabric

in vibrant colors made with traditional

natural dyes.

Dog Runs, Colors Don't

Colorfast-treated and prewashed so that the

only time these colors run is when

your dog does.

Digging the Details

From the no-dangle button-snap strap to

the hidden stash-cash pocket, we dig

all the details.

HashtagLYP with frame 20200414 230p.png
Woman lies beside German Shepherd dog inside tent looking out on lake scene
white triangle in circle to denote play button
white triangle in circle to denote play button
Artistic drawing of black dog standing among colorful autumn leaves
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