Kibble for the Soul


The world is full of marvels if you open yourself up to it! German Shepherd dog Moxie travels, explores, and discovers the wonderful world around her and shares what she learns in these fun, heartwarming short videos.

Bite Down Hard into Everything You Do

If you can't always get the dog that you want, you absolutely get the dog you need. German Shepherd Moxie explains why she and Mama Bear, Jess, are soul sisters from a different litter...and what Jess has learned from her about what it means to leap in and Let Your Paws Take You There!

Moxie's wardrobe by Ruff on the Road

music by HookSounds

Give Your Tender Paws a Well-Earned Rest

Moxie’s paws are hard as hooves – almost as hard as Mama Bear’s calloused troll’s feet. But despite those thick, gorgeous pads, it’s good to have a soft place to rest those tender paws at the end of the trail.


Moxie’s gear: New Horizons TREKKER Bandana in Wildflowers and Whimsy

Music: “Out the Back” by Biddy Sullivan (Epidemic Sound)

Hiking & Camping

Mother Earth's Explosions Are Beautiful

Like all of us, sometimes Moxie suffers an explosion after spending the day filling herself up. It makes her a lot less self-conscious to know that Mother Earth has them too. And her explosions are on an entirely different scale!


Moxie’s gear: New Horizons TREKKER Bandana in Wildflowers and Whimsy

Music: “Beauty in the Mundane” by Bird of Figment (Epidemic Sound)

Hiking & Camping

Strut Colorfully But Keep an Eye Out

Far from old and stuffy, Mother Nature has a colorful, noisy sense of humor. If you have any doubts, just consider the Peacock! German Shepherd Moxie unexpectedly meets a flock of them and her primeval hunter instincts are in full display.


Moxie’s gear: Forget Me Knots Collar in Lakes and Volcanoes

Music: “Pirates of the North Pole” by Mike Franklyn (Epidemic Sound)


We Were Wolves Once...and Could Still Be Again

The instinct is there in each of us. We were night walkers, eyes in the darkness, feared above all other wild things.


This year you can Halloween...or #HowlAtTheMoon


Moxie's gear: the ghoulish Forget Me Knots Collar in Lakes and Volcanoes – use MOONHOWLER19 at checkout for 25% off all reflective collars and leashes through 31 Oct.

Music: "Entering Madness" by JH Coleman (Epidemic Sound)


Who You Gonna Call When Your Dog Covers You in Paw Prints and Slobber Juice

Most of the pack's travels are alone so Moxie is thrilled when they join Chrissi's Dog Training for her monthly group hike in the mountains above Antigua, Guatemala.

Moxie's gear: Step Outside Collar and Be My Beastie Leash in Melons and Berries

Music: "The Messanger" by Fabien Tell

Hiking & Camping

Accidents Are for Learning but Clumsiness Is Forever

Not so long ago Moxie had a run-in with a car while she was playing with her friends in front of the house. Mama Bear has her own problems keeping upright but hers are all from clumsiness!


Moxie's gear: Step Outside Collar in Wine and Candy

Music by HookSounds


Where We Have All Our Best In-Tents Moments

Sometimes having to solve a problem leaves you better off than before. Very few dog friendly hotels where we travel means more in-tents moments!


Moxie's gear: Be My Beastie Collar in Wine and Candy

Music: "New Places" by Nicolai Heidlas available at HookSounds

Hiking & Camping

Digging up Bones Takes Lots of Practice

Moxie is the self-proclaimed "very best there is at digging up bones". Tune in to discover her secret to proficiency...


Moxie's gear: Step Outside Collar in Melons and Berries

TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll in Enter the Badlands

Music: "Spreading Positivity" by Nicolai Heidlas available at HookSounds

Woman and German Shepherd dog lay in tent looking out at lake
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