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There are many reasons why not – or you can leap in and Let Your Paws Take You There! In our exclusive video series, German Shepherd copilot Moxie shares the people, places, and lessons from her motorcycle travels and outdoor adventures.

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woman rides motorcycle with German Shepherd dog and man ride motorcycle ahead on dirt road

Make the Ride a Little Easier

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Three human figures and one dog in silhouette at sunset

A Tale of Stallions and Burros

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Motorcycle riding under blue sky with bright yellow sunset

Your Protective Gear Should Reflect Your Priorities

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German Shepherd guards tent and campsite through trees and flowers

Bring Only What You Need to Thrive

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German Shepherd eats camping meal out of sauce pan

You’ll Find All the Ingredients You Need

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Man rides BMW motorcycle across river with German Shepherd laying in motorcycle dog carrier


Chase After Your Ideas Like a Greyhound

Moxie finds that, when opportunity arises, like a squirrel who pokes her head above the grass, people are generally hesitant whereas a dog is more apt to bolt in and give chase. But some people, like Chrissy from Austria who lives in a cabin in the mountains, leap in and chase after their squirrels.

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Woman and German Shepherd dog ride motorcycle followed by another BMW motorcycle on dirt road


The Fickle Fates Don't Favor Us All the Same

Moxie believes that it’s the Great Animal Spirits who created the world and the Weaver women who spin the threads that guide her life. The Weavers have spun a life of adventures and good fortune for Moxie but, in the final leg of their Guatemala-Honduras-Belize trip, she learns that the Fates do not smile on all dogs the same.

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German Shepherd wears Rex Specs eye protection and looks at camera while riding on motorcycle


Danger Doesn't Lurk Around Every Corner but a Crocodile Might

Stories of bad luck and misfortune, like the Pufferfish, have many spines in them so that, when you bite down on them, they stick in your mouth and keep you from doing the things you want to. Moxie knows not to let those stories dissuade her but, arriving at Yaxhá National Park during the third leg of their Guatemala-Honduras-Belize trip, she learns that you should keep an eye out for crocodiles.

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Two BMW motorcycles drive along dirt road


You Are What You Do, Not What You Bark

As Moxie explains it dogs inherently understand that they are what they do, not what they bark, which goes doubly for those little yappers who make a drum up a huge ruckus from afar only to scamper off as soon as you approach. But, as Moxie learns on this second leg of their Guatemala-Honduras-Belize trip, for people questions of identity are never quite so simple.

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Donkey sniffs a German Shepherd on motorcycle dog carrier


Just Because Something Is Different Doesn't Mean It's Bad

Moxie has a natural prejudice against four-hooved creatures like cows, goats, horses, and donkeys. Shortly after they set off for a Guatemala-Honduras-Belize trip, Moxie is forced to spend time with a stubborn donkey who just won’t be shewed away from the pack’s campsite. After first gnashing her teeth and making a spectacle, Moxie discovers that paws and hooves actually have a lot in common.

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Woman wearing Let Your Paws Take You There shirt sits on grassy hill with German Shepherd dog


You'll Never Know If You Don't Ask

As the sled dogs pulled the sun low to the horizon, the pack spots a beautiful grassy field beside a hillside farmhouse that would make for a lovely campsite. They don’t know if the landlord will allow them to pitch their tent but, as Moxie soon learns, you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

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Woman and German Shepherd dog on BMW motorcycle ride through river


You Have to Chew on the Bad Bones along with the Good Ones, Part 2

Continuing their journey from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala to San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico, the pack chews the grizzle through some harrowing river-crossings before they discover the meaty, savory marrow of a really good bone when they finally reach the ‘magical village’.

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Woman rides on dirt road with German Shepherd in motorcycle dog carrier


You Have to Chew on the Bad Bones along with the Good Ones, Part 1

Not all bones are sweet and juicy; and even with the best sometimes you have to work through some grizzle before you reach the meat and savory marrow. As Moxie learns in this trip to ‘magical village’ San Cristóbal de las Casas, a lot of times in life you have to chew on the bad bones along with the good ones.

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German Shepherd dog on wooden boat with woman and motorcycles


Learning Makes You Less Afraid of Things

Moxie often dreams of being on the coast and plunging into the waves. Her wishes are answered when one day the pack travels to El Paredón beach on Guatemala's Pacific coast. When a wide river bars the way, Moxie gets scared that they won’t make it to the coast. But she realizes there are many things she doesn’t know and the more she learns the less afraid she feels.

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German Shepherd dog on motorcycle wearing Rex Specs and licking lips


Your Attitude Matters More than Your Breed

When Papa Bear warns Moxie that something big is coming tomorrow, her ears are perked and she’s completely ready for anything. You might think that being ready for anything is in her breed – she is a German Shepherd after all, but actually it’s all about having the right attitude.

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German Shepherd on motorcycle dog carrier riding with woman


Always Sniff before You Bite into Something

Before leaping right into her adventures on 2 wheels + 4 paws, German Shepherd shares a little bit about herself and her pack. It’s her way of sharing an important lesson that all dogs learn early on: always sniff something over before you bite down.

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Assortment of tools and tire repair kit on BMW F700GS motorcycle

Where to Store Road Tools on a BMW F800/700GS

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BMW G650GS with German Shepherd dog in motorcycle dog carrier rides across big river

Introducing the Ruff on the Road K9 Moto Cockpit

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BMW F700GS motorcycle equipped for long distance travel and off-road adventures

Outfitting Our Motorcycles for Adventure: Greg's BMW F700GS "Penelope"

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Blonde woman and German Shepherd dog pose together with BMW G650GS adventure motorcycle

Outfitting Our Motorcycles for Adventure: Jess's BMW G650GS "Moxie Thumper"

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Woman and German Shepherd dog lay in tent looking out at lake
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