Bite Down Hard into Everything You Do


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Ruff on the Road


Kibble for the Soul

Bright-eyed, curious, and rambunctious, German Shepherd Moxie explores the outdoors, learns about the wonderful world around her, and shares the lessons she learns in these short, fun, heartwarming videos.

If you can't always get the dog that you want, you absolutely get the dog you need.  German Shepherd puppy Moxie explains why she and her Mama Bear, Jess, are soul sisters from a different litter...and what Jess has learned from her about leaping in and letting your paws take you there!

Music by HookSounds

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Which Kibble do you want to chomp on next?

German Shepherd dog lies on handmade travel bed beside tent at campsite

Give Your Tender Paws a Well-Earned Rest

Soaked woman tried to regain footing after falling over in lake

Accidents Are for Learning but Clumsiness Is Forever

Eruption of lava and steam from Volano Pacaya seen from drone

Mother Earth's Explosions Are Beautiful

Camping tent and German Shepherd dog in green field beside lake surrounded by mountains

Where We Have All Our Best In-Tents Moments

German Shepherd ears poke above wall where colorful peacocks strut unsuspectingly

Strut Colorfully But Keep an Eye Out

German Shepherd lays on handmade travel dog bed while chewing on meat bone

Digging up Bones Takes Lots of Practice

Wolf-like dog prowling across mountain in silhouette with volcanoes and mist

We Were Wolves Once...and Could Still Be Again

Woman and German Shepherd dog lay together looking out of camping tent

Bite Down Hard into Everything You Do

Happy, panting brown dog on leash

Who You Gonna Call When Your Dog Covers You in Paw Prints and Slobber Juice

Woman and German Shepherd dog lay in tent looking out at lake
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