Every product plants a pine tree



Every handmade dog product you purchase plants one or more pine trees to revitalize forests across North America. Join us on the journey to protect and restore the wilderness, combat the climate crisis, and preserve wild places for future generations of humans and dogs to explore.

Add the trees for each product in your order to know your impact

Our mission is to Inspire Your Journey and Make The Difference because we believe pushing your limits and making a positive impact is the way to discover your most vibrant, colorful self.

Our journey always draws us towards natural places and wilderness because that's where we feel most alive and, when we emerge, we feel mentally and physically restored.

Just as the Climate Crisis threatens livelihoods and our way of life, the destruction of forests and wilderness poses a profound threat to our physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Why Plant Trees


Trees absorb pollutants and release oxygen.


Trees filter water and protect against floods.


Trees are habitat to countless species of flora and fauna.


Trees provide food and livelihoods for rural communities.


Trees and nature improve physical and mental health.


Trees absorb and sequester carbon dioxide and toxins.


We strive everyday to advance our mission to Inspire Your Journey through handmade dog products that are

Runway Ready + Outdoor Tough.

To guide our journey to Make The Difference by preserving forests and wilderness, we partnered with

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We believe the passion and excellence of OneTreePlanted matches our dedication to creating the best quality dog products for your outdoor adventures.


Pine Trees are majestic, grandiose evergreens (i.e. they keep their leaves all year around) that are native to the Northern Hemisphere. They typically reach 15-45 m (50-150 ft) tall and can live more than 1,000 years. The tallest is an 81 m (268 ft) ponderosa in southern Oregon and the oldest is in eastern California at 4,600 years.


We support the planting of pines because they are a hardy species that can tolerate sun, drought, cold, and a range of soil conditions. They provide a home to numerous species of birds and small wildlife where they are generally safe from larger predators that struggle to climb the straight trunks.


Last but not least, if you’ve ever stood at the base of a ponderosa pine and gazed upwards in awe and wonder, then you totally get it.


Healthy forests in the Sierra Nevada mountains and Central Valley of California are essential to fighting Climate Change and to reducing vulnerability to devastating wildfires that threaten wildlife and rural communities.

If your road allows, visit California's stunning national parks and wildernesses and gaze up in awe and wonder at the majestic pine trees.

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