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Drinking is a necessity but it doesn't have to be boring! We create artwork from your photo of your dog. Then, we engrave and hand-paint it on a sturdy, ceramic mug or wrap-around print it on an enamel camping mug. It's an intimate celebration of your pup and perfect for on the trail, at home, or in the office.

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Mug features personalized artwork of dog from original photograph show next to it

My Pup Mug

Engraved + Hand-Painted + Personalized

$40 for one, $25 each addl.

Photo of German Shepherd among wildflowers with artistic rendering of same image on enamel camping mug

My Pup Goes Camping Mug

Printed + Durable + Personalized

$40 for one, $25 each addl.

Shapely latte coffee mug with Let You Paws Take You There engraved and hand-painted

Let Your Paws Take You There Mug

Engraved + Hand-Painted + Luxurious

starting at $14

Always Original

Always 100% personalized artwork created

from your photo to capture the

uniqueness of your pup.

Perfectly Artistic

Colorful, personalized artwork expresses

what even a perfect, professional

photograph cannot.

Choose or Don't

Choose between a trail-ready enamel

camping mug or an intricately engraved

latte mug. Or get both!

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Woman lies beside German Shepherd dog inside tent looking out on lake scene
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white triangle in circle to denote play button
Artistic drawing of black dog standing among colorful autumn leaves
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Los Angeles, CA, USA + Panajachel, Guatemala