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Raiders of the Giant Loop Tank Bag

on 2 Wheels + 4 Paws MINIS

It's Motorcycle Diaries + A Dog's Purpose. German Shepherd Moxie narrates her adventure travels and the lessons she learns along the way.

Ruff on the Road


Never turn your back and never leave snacks in your motorcycle tank bag! It's dust-, water-, and crash-proof but, unfortunately, Giant Loop's Diablo Tank Bag is not Moxie-proof!


Moxie's gear: Forget Me Knots Collar in Melons and Berries

Music: "Flower Garden" by Nicolai Heidlas Music

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Man rides BMW motorcycle across river with German Shepherd laying in motorcycle dog carrier

Chase After Your Ideas Like a Greyhound


Woman and German Shepherd dog ride motorcycle followed by another BMW motorcycle on dirt road

The Fickle Fates Don't Favor Us All the Same


German Shepherd wears Rex Specs eye protection and looks at camera while riding on motorcycle

Danger Doesn't Lurk Around Every Corner but a Crocodile Might


Two BMW motorcycles drive along dirt road

You Are What You Do, Not What You Bark


Thank you to our valued partners

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Arkadia Supply Co

Teal waterproof backpack that compresses to pocket size by Arkadia Supply Co

Sea to Sky Pack

Our pack's pack of choice

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Giant Loop

White and black motorcycle tank back for off-road by Giant Loop

Diablo Pro Motorcycle Tank Bag

Moxie's on-the-road treat bag

Wolfman Luggage logo without text

Wolfman Luggage

Black motorcycle tank panniers with Wolfman Luggage logo on the side

Tank Panniers

Moxie's 'only for me' travel bags


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German Shepherd on motorcycle dog carrier riding off-road

Your Very Best Weapon Against those Awful Yellow Eye Snots

German Shepherd rests under shade of treee

Ride Ruff, Fierce, and Free with Moxie

German Shepherd looks towards rear while riding on motorcycle dog carrier

Handmade in the Land of Talls and Wets

Dog sniffs tank bag on ground behind people sitting at campsite

Raiders of the Giant Loop Tank Bag

BMW motorcycle rides off-road as seen from motorcycle dog carrier

Keep Your Paws out of Moxie's Pockets

Woman crashes BMW G650GS motorcycle on rocky mountain

Get All the Juiciest Travel Tips from Adventure Rider Radio

Dog and woman ride yellow motorcycle on highway

Always Keep Your Shnout out for Treats

Woman and dog swim in river beside cliff

Our Pack's Pack of Choice for Wandering off

German Shepherd with ears up rides behind woman on motorcycle

The Best Soundtrack for Riding into Adventure

Donkey sniffs dog on motorcycle

Our Campsite is Overrun by Four-Hoofers

Donkey in grassy field as seen from motorcycle tank pannier

Moxie's Luggage Bags Have Her Face on Them

German Shepherd dog wears Rex Specs dog goggles for eye protection

Always Ride Your Two-Wheelsy Ruff and Safe

Woman and dog ride motorcycle as seen from drone

Ride into Adventure with German Shepherd on Motorcycle

Woman and German Shepherd on motorcycle

It Rides Cool, Comfortable, Safe and Always Looks Great

German Shepherd rides behind woman on motorcycle dog carrier on dirt road

Dig up a Juicy Bone of Riding Wisdom with This Motorcycle Life

Dog wearing colorful collar rides motorcycle behind woman

Copilot with Ears Up and Sniffer Out

Woman and German Shepherd dog lay in tent looking out at lake
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