The Fickle Fates Don't Favor Us All the Same

Ruff on the Road


on 2 Wheels + 4 Paws

It's Motorcycle Diaries + A Dog's Purpose. German Shepherd Moxie narrates her adventure travels and the lessons she learns along the way.

It’s the Weavers that live high in the mountains who spin the colorful threads of Moxie’s life. But on the final leg of their Guatemala-Honduras-Belize trip, Moxie learns that not all dogs have been smiled on by the Fates.


The pack leaves the crocodile shores of Laguna Yaxhá and crosses into sunny, tropical Belize where, after a police checkpoint, it's on to an AirBnB for a rustic overnight. The next morning the pack travels to Blue Hole National Park where they set up camp at the visitor’s center and then enters the deep, dark, watery cave at night.


The next day they bathe in the clear waters at Mayan King Waterfalls and then reach Placencia where they pitch their tent on the welcoming sands of Mariposa Beach Resort. There Moxie meets two wayward rescue dogs who, after long, arduous life journeys, reach a peaceful, welcoming sanctuary at Mariposa Resort.

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K9 Moto Cockpit Build Guide

18 pages of materials, measurements, diagrams, photos, and descriptions to help build a motorcycle dog carrier.

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Moxie's Gear from the Episode

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woman rides motorcycle with German Shepherd dog and man ride motorcycle ahead on dirt road
Three human figures and one dog in silhouette at sunset
Motorcycle riding under blue sky with bright yellow sunset
German Shepherd guards tent and campsite through trees and flowers
German Shepherd eats camping meal out of sauce pan
German Shepherd wearing Rex Spec dog goggles rides on woman's motorcycle

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Teal waterproof backpack that compresses to pocket size by Arkadia Supply Co

Sea to Sky Pack

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White and black motorcycle tank back for off-road by Giant Loop

Diablo Pro Motorcycle Tank Bag

Moxie's on-the-road treat bag

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Tank Panniers

Moxie's 'only for me' travel bags

Episode Credits

Intro music: "Drive" by Nicolai Heidlas Music (www.nicolai-heidlas.com)
Episode music: "Gone Tomorrow" by Jimmy Wahlsteen; "Green Cactus", "Out the Back", and "Fire and Bones" by Biddy Sullivan; "The Waves" by Ciaran Delany; "Rope Swing" by Station Story; "Droplets of Love" by Isobelle Walton; and "River Wide" by Max Kershaw

Epidemic Sound

Episode Supporters & Highlights

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