Dare to Step Outside

Dog in green field wearing handmade típico collar from Guatemala
Step Outside with Ash the Cow Dog wearing Jungle Expedition colors (@ashthecowdog)

The Step Outside design belongs to our Quintessence collection. Quintessence means the absolute ideal version of something and we think these are the absolute ideal version of beautiful, rugged, handmade dog apparel.

The Step Outside design is made up of rows of triangles and diamonds. As you look from one end to the other, you’ll notice that each row of color takes a step outward, and then another and another.

handmade típico dog collar made by indigenous Guatemalan artisans
Step Outside design makes for a gorgeous dog collar, shown here in Melons and Berries

Isn’t that what doing something new is all about? Taking one small step outside your comfort zone after another. The courage to take the next step, the resolve to put one paw in front of the other, these are the paw prints that pave the road towards becoming your most vibrant, colorful self.

So dare to Step Outside and let your paws take you there!

Dog wearing handmade collar in green meadow with mountains
Ash the Cow Dog gathers his courage before leaping into the tall grass (@ashthecowdog)