Every Superhero Needs a Cape

Some dogs are naturally courageous and some need the New Horizons TREKKER Bandana to unleash their inner superhero.

Oso the Great Bear rests happily on his rock after discovering the secret to finding his courage

His name is Oso, which means Bear, but the dogs around here know him as The Great Bear. It’s a proud, impressive name and one that he’s earned by barking loudly and nipping at other dogs as they pass his stretch of the neighborhood during their walks.

The other dogs know him for his courage but, he wasn’t always the brave, outgoing dog you see before you. He used to be very skittish, timid, and cowardly.

Proud Oso used to be a very skittish, timid dog until he found his courage.

His wonderful human did everything she could to help him find his courage, but nothing worked and they both soon began to despair. Then one night a terrible storm passed over their home and rain pounded at the roof, windows, and doors. The power went out and then suddenly a lightning flashed followed by a terrible peel of thunder.

He instinctively bolted into the sleeping bag interior of his TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll. The rains continued to thrash and the winds continued to howl, but he slept soundly all through the night. Oso’s human took notice of this and she had an idea.

A couple days later a package arrived and his human presented me with a gift. The handmade bandana had a slender, triangular shape with the small image of a dog in a mountain on a white background. The durable, lightweight, handwoven fabric perfectly matched the colors and pattern of his cherished TenderPaw bed.

‘There you go, Oso,’ she said as she wrapped it around his neck and tied it tightly in a double knot. ‘Every furry superhero needs a cape.’

That’s when he understood. This bandana would be like the inside of his TenderPaw during the storm. It would make him feel protected whenever he leaves home and ventures out into the big, scary world. Oso was so pleased and grateful, and he looked up at his human with smiling eyes and a panting tongue.

Oso runs out to stir up trouble, excited to have found his courage in his new TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll.

‘Now go out and stir up trouble,’ she said, returning his smile.

He gave a good shake to settle his New Horizons TREKKER Bandana in place and then hurried outside to poke his nose under the gate and bark bravely at all the dogs that passed during their afternoon walks.


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