How Mini Helped Moxie

German Shepherd Moxie and Husky x German Shepherd mix Mini plan in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Moxie (right) and Mini (left) splash about in Lake Atitlan with the twin volcanoes as a stunning backdrop.

She sort of looked like Moxie – a smaller, sable version of Moxie. Probably a cross between a husky and German Shepherd mix. She was obviously a street dog but she did well with people, which means it’s likely that she was a pet at some point in her life. We affectionately called her Mini. She did great with Moxie. They ran and jumped, sniffed and swam together. She was one of the only dogs in the neighborhood that could keep up with our rambunctious pup.

When our K9 Moto Cockpit, the carrier that Greg built for the back of my motorcycle so that Moxie could ride with me, was ready to try out, Moxie was a bit apprehensive. It was a big leap up to the seat to get into the carrier and even with a bunch of treats, it just wasn’t happening. That is, until Mini came along.

Mini would often hang around the house in the event that we were all ready to go for a walk or if there happened to be some left overs that she could snack on. We decided to take Moxie for a stroll after a training session since she was getting all worked up from the attempts to get up on the bike. Mini was waiting outside and we took them down to the lake for a chase and swim. Once they were worn out, it was time to try and get Moxie to “saddle up” again.

This time we were smart. We brought out the raw meat. Mini instantly recognized what a treat the meat would be and was ready to do anything to get it. Including showing Moxie how easy it is to leap up on the bike! We place the meat on the seat of the carrier and it only took a few seconds for Mini to understand what she had to do to get the food. One, two, three, and she was up there, chomping away happily out of reach from Moxie.

Moxie wasn’t thrilled. She started barking at Mini in an attempt to get her to come down and steal her food! Eventually Mini relinquished her seat. I waved another juicy piece of meat in front of Moxie’s face. Moxie quickly glanced over at Mini to make sure that she wasn’t coming to snatch it away. I placed it on the seat, and low and behold, just as Mini was coming to take a sniff, Moxie stepped back and leaped up! Finally, she was up on the carrier, peering down at Mini and looking like the queen of the castle that she is.

Without Mini, I don’t know how long it would have taken for Moxie to get up into the carrier. I’m sure it would have happened eventually, but Mini definitely helped move things along, and for that, we are forever grateful.

Original photo of Moxie and Mini