Let Your Paws Take You There

Let Your Paws Take You There

It’s how we describe the inspiration that has defined our road. It led us to Africa where we met as aid workers. It led us to pack our motorcycles and ride south. Along the way we discovered a German Shepherd puppy and a paradise of a home at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

It’s how we describe the wonderful and unexpected empowerment of partnering with indigenous artisan women born into less fortunate circumstances – more transformative than anything we achieved as aid workers.

It’s the inspiration that gave us the courage to leave our careers, to wander from home, to try something new, and to believe that others share the values and vision that became Ruff on the Road.

It’s about stepping outside, getting your paws dirty, and discovering the most vibrant, colorful version of yourself.

It’s about pursuing your inspiration – wherever it leads you – through the hardships and snags, resolving to put one paw in front of the other so long as you can. Because the colors you wear reflect the calling that drives you and the materials mark the grit to see it through.

It’s the inspiration to be the You that dares to pick your own RoadRuff enough to stick with it – and let your paws take you there!

Let your paws take you there!


HashtagLYP with frame 20200414 230p.png
Woman lies beside German Shepherd dog inside tent looking out on lake scene
white triangle in circle to denote play button
white triangle in circle to denote play button
Artistic drawing of black dog standing among colorful autumn leaves
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Los Angeles, CA, USA + Panajachel, Guatemala