We Are Stronger for the Companions on Our Path

You can't do better than Eddie to accompany you on your path (@sui_and_eddie)

The Be My Beastie design is part of our Knots So Simple collection. Each hand-tied knot that comprises the macramé ribbon seems simple and insignificant but when you put them all together they’re Knots So Simple after all!

The Be My Beastie design is derived from the classic pattern used for tying friendship bracelets. Seems like a wonder that there was ever a time when we expressed our friendship with someone by wearing matching bracelets with them.

Hand-tied Be My Beastie ribbons

Today we do it by ‘liking’, ‘friending’, and ‘tagging’. The method might have changed but the impulse and the importance are the same.

So much of life is a solitary journey that we might come to believe we can do it all by ourselves. But we are stronger for the companions who accompany us on our path. We are happier for their love and wiser for their example. They are part of what gives our lives meaning and we to them.

Hold on tight and say, 'Be my beastie!'

So, while we might have grown up and grown out of wearing matching bracelets with our bestie, we’ll never be too old to hold on tight and say, ‘Be my beastie!

Quisiera ('Cherished') wears Be My Beastie Collar in Lakes and Volcanoes colors


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Woman lies beside German Shepherd dog inside tent looking out on lake scene
white triangle in circle to denote play button
white triangle in circle to denote play button
Artistic drawing of black dog standing among colorful autumn leaves
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