When You're Not Afraid to Dirty Your Paws

Drawing of German Shepherd crossing broken bridge over river
Not all of us are as inherently daring as German Shepherd Moxie

The Dirty Your Paws design belongs to our Quintessence collection. Quintessence means the absolute ideal version of something and we these are the absolute ideal version of beautiful, rugged, handmade dog apparel.

The Dirty Your Paws design is made of chevron-like staircases that rise and then fall and then rise again. It might seem like hard work and little payoff but if you look closely you’ll notice that each peak rises a bit higher than the last.

Handmade típico collar made by indigenous Guatemalan artisan women
Dirty Your Paws Collar in Melons and Berries colors

Isn’t that what achievement is all about? Climbing up, falling down, and then climbing a little higher until you reach the summit? But to do it, you’ve got to be willing to wag your tail and get your paws dirty!

So, perk your ears to hear your inspiration calling and then have the courage to pursue it through the brambles and the thorns. The more you do it, the easier it gets; and you’ll realize how colorful life is when you’re not afraid to Dirty Your Paws.

Dogs on beach wearing collars that are handmade by indigenous Guatemalan artisans
Lolo wears a Dirty Your Paws Collar in Jungle Expedition colors