You Look Nice but I'm Not that Easy

cow dog, girl, and mountains
Ash the Cow Dog and his sidekick person, Erin, on road into the Sierra Nevada mountains

While Ash is running through the park, at the beach, or heading down the trail with his huge smile and tongue hanging out of his mouth, the common question is: “What kind of dog is he?”

My response is always, “A great one.”

cow dog in shelter kennel
Ashton Kutcher waits to be adopted from Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation

I rescued Ash in the summer of 2017. I was searching for that perfect dog that could come with me to work every day, be so bonded to me that he wouldn’t leave my side even when leash-less, and most importantly would fit seamlessly into my lifestyle of gallery owner, event producer, road tripper, and single woman. I wanted the ultimate road dog and wouldn’t settle for less. I came across the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation online when I saw a picture of 'Ashton Kutcher’ posted in an adoption directory. I drove out to the CA desert to see this black and white spotted dog in person.

From opposite sides of the fence, Ashton looked up at me. His eyes were a bit sad, but mostly he struck me as very sweet and very independent. It seemed like with one single look he told me, “You look nice but I'm not that easy. You're not going to win me over with a high-pitched hello and the toss of a ball.”

I immediately felt connected to him because, well, I'm the same way.

dog wears handmade collar and hipster girl
Of tats and long tongues

Linda Blair – you’ll remember her as Ragen from the movie The Exorcist – insisted that Ashton was not the dog for me. She proceeded to introduce me to one dog after another. Still, I kept gravitating back to Ashton Kutcher’s fence.

He had to come home with me.

On drive way home, I looked at those unsure eyes through my rearview mirror. He stood as if at attention, unrelaxed, not sure what would happen next.

“Ashton Kutcher?” I asked. “Do you really like that name? How about just Ash? Ash, my spotted cow dog.”

He looked back at me for a long moment and then he sat down as if it were a sigh of relief. As if to say, "Yeah, that sounds good to me."

girl and dog on mountain top with view
Go on, Ash and Erin, let your paws take you there!