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When we're not in the workshop or visiting with the artisans, Ruff on the Road is trying to get the message out – about the social and environmental impact of beautiful, quality, handmade dog products; and about what it means to Let Your Paws Take You There!

Faster than My Paws Can Take Me

Experience what it's like taking a motorcycle ride from German Shepherd Moxie's point of view in this short story that won The Bark Magazine's In Their Voices for Spring 2019.

Jess Stone of Ruff on the Road appears in Bark Magazine
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Have Your Dog and Ride with Her Too

In this article, Ruff on the Road shares a bit about the journey in developing the K9 Moto Cockpit motorcycle dog carrier to carry German Shepherd puppy Moxie on their travel adventures.

An article by Jess Stone of Ruff on the Road appears in Rider Magazine
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Do You Accept this Challenge?

In this article, Ruff on the Road pack leader Jess Stone shares her experience overcoming the fear of motorcycle riding by embracing the empowerment of choosing to accept the challenge before her.

Jess Stone's article about accepting change in ADVMoto
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Exploring South America

In this interview, Jess and Greg talk about their adventures, the challenges faced and, with their positive outlook on life, they have some great tips and views that might make your travel, and life, easier.

Greg and Jess Stone of Ruff on the Road are interviewed by Adventure Rider Radio
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The Discomfort Zone

In episode 16 of the podcast, Bruce Philp interviews Ruff on the Road pack leader Jessica Stone about how she came to riding, how she overcame the fear of riding, and what it’s like to ride with German Shepherd Moxie as passenger.

Bruce Philp of This Motorcycle Life interviews Jess Stone of Ruff on the Road
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