Custom K9 Moto Cockpit


We custom build and upholster your K9 Moto Cockpit motorcycle dog carrier to mount securely to your specific motorcycle. The Cockpit includes:

· Rust-proofed tubular metal frame

· Vinyl upholstery with reflective ribbon over foam padding

· 3-inch-thick seat cushion

· Custom placement of screw holes in baseplate for mounting.


    • Tubular frame made by heat-bending and welding ¾-inch metal bars to create sleek curves.
    • Sturdy baseplate made of 3-inch-wide plates covers rear half of frame bottom.
    • We work with you to provide us the measurements for custom placement of mounting holes.
    • Frame is painted with anticorrosive, matte black automotive paint for a smooth, rust-free finish.
    • Frame bars are wrapped with foam padding and covered in durable outdoor vinyl upholstery.
    • Upholstery exterior is lined with 3M reflective ribbon to enhance the appearance and safety.
    • D-shaped anchor bars are welded to each front and rear corner for securely harnessing your dog.
    • Includes a 3-inch-thick removeable seat cushion that matches the Cockpit’s footprint.


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