Knots So Twisted Leash

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Often the best way to get somewhere or to get something done is not head-on but rather with a twist.

  • The Knots So Twisted Leash

    Have you met our Knots So Simple Collection yet? Well, it’s like that only with a twist.


    Scan your eyes along the Knots So Twisted Leash and it’s impossible not to capture the essence of how each small, seemingly insignificant footstep – like these painstakingly handtied knots – is an essential footstep along the path to your destination.


    Four strands of richly colorful, nylon paracord are handtied to create a unique, spiral design that measures 48 inches (4 feet).


    The spiral produces a stunning, unique appearance but it’s actually very practical because it makes the rope very easy to grip. This means there’s no need to wrap the leash around your hand in case your pup bolts and no chance of a ‘boa constricted’ hand when she does.


    Brilliant nylon thread creates an alluring accent just above the stainless swivel clip and a welded D-ring near the handle is for attaching a poop bag container.


    The gem in the crown is the handhold. The spiral knots flatten out and are covered with a handwoven textile that is silky smooth and lavishly padded.

  • Features

    • Four strands of 550 Nylon paracord is soft and pliable and mold, mildew, rot, and UV resistant with >550 lbs tensile strength
    • Handwoven, padded textile handle
    • Stainless swivel eye bolt snap (225 lbs load) for collar attachment
    • Welded D-ring on underside 1” below handle for poop bag attachment
  • Care

    • Machine washable on a gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent
    • Line dry or machine dry on Low or Air Only
    • Colors won’t dull or run

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