Lap It Up! My Pup Mug


You leap into life and Lap It Up!

which is why you’re always in my heart

and in my hand when I need a pick-me-up!


🌲 Every mug plants a pine tree 🌲


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Lap It Up! My Pup Gallery


How Many? $35 for 1, $15 for each additional
  • The Lap It Up! Collection

    It has been said that our culture runs on coffee and gasoline. Well, a lot of smart, talented people are working very hard to liberate us from gasoline. And fortunately, too, many passionate, engaged growers are developing fairer, more ecologically sustainable practices for cultivating coffee. Whether you drink lattes, cortados, or some other concoction, drink fair trade, drink with pleasure, and Lap It Up!

  • Description

    Have your favorite companion(s) beautifully engraved and hand-painted on the thing most responsible for getting you through the day – your coffee mug! Or bring your trusty companion(s) with you on the trail on an engraved pewter camping mug.*


    Here’s how it works:

    1. Select the photo that best captures the essence of your pup. Photos that are 3x2 aspect ratio work best and you might want to crop it if the dog appears small in the full photo. Don’t worry we can help with all this!
    2. Upload the photo. We will review and provide feedback if we have any concerns about the photo you selected.
    3. Specify a motto, slogan, or catchphrase that you want to appear on or beside the image. Your text should be no more than 30 characters including spaces, can include basic symbols (%&$# etc.), and is case sensitive.
    4. We will send you a digital proof before production. Our artist will create a drawing based on your photo and then we will stylishly overlay the text. You will receive the digital proof within 3–5 business days by email. If you’re not totally satisfied with the drawing, the first edit or redraw is 100% free.
    5. That’s it! Once we receive your approval of the proof, we will send it off to our artisan who will engrave and then hand-paint your mug. Expect three weeks for production and delivery from the time you approve the digital proof. If you need to rush the order, we will do everything we can but there will be a corresponding rush fee.


    * Pewter camping mug cannot be painted.

  • Features

    • Sturdy, shapely, black sheen, 17oz. latte mug
    • Artist creates scene based on your photo
    • Drawing is sandblasted in mug and intricately hand-painted
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe

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