Let Your Paws Take You There Mug


Water is our purest essence

But coffee is the rocket fuel that propels us;

So, fill your favorite mug, lick your lips, and Lap It Up!


🌲 Every mug plants a pine tree 🌲

  • The Lap It Up! Collection

    It has been said that our culture runs on coffee and gasoline. Well, a lot of smart, talented people are working very hard to liberate us from gasoline. And fortunately, too, many passionate, engaged growers are developing fairer, more ecologically sustainable practices for cultivating coffee. Whether you drink lattes, cortados, or some other concoction, drink fair trade, drink with pleasure, and Lap It Up!

  • Description

    Whatever drink best compliments those special moments or helps you get through the mayhem of the day, it truly tastes better when you Lap It Up! from an engraved, hand-painted mug.


    The stylized Let Your Paws Take You There motto and the Ruff on the Road mountain dog logo are sandblasted into the smooth surface to carve smooth, intricate channels. The relief work is then painstakingly hand-painted with a fine brush to imbue an explosion of vivid color.


  • Features

    • Sturdy, shapely 17oz latte or 10oz cortado mug
    • Sandblasted engraving and intricately hand-painted
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
Woman and German Shepherd dog lay in tent looking out at lake
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Every sign up plants a pine tree

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