Pete 2020 Artisan Latte Mug


The Pete 2020 Artisan Latte Mug is an artistic rendering of the iconic Mayor Pete headshot. Each mug is sandblaster engraved and vividly hand-painted by our team of artisans and painters in Guatemala. Proceeds support the campaign, Guatemalan artisans, and your raging coffee habit!



Half of the proceeds are donated directly to the Pete for America presidential campaign

🌲 Every mug plants a pine tree 🌲


  • Features

    • Sturdy, shapely 17oz latte
    • Artistic rendering of epic Mayor Pete headshot
    • Sandblasted and intricately hand-painted
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Make Your Support Go Further

    Dismayed by the direction of the country and the rhetoric of the current president – and yet with our spirits uplifted by the group of compassionate, moral leaders seeking the Democratic nomination for president – we found ourselves especially moved by Mayor Pete’s passion, ideas, and values.


    We wanted to do more than donate the few spare dollars we have after rent, kibble, and reinvesting back into growing Ruff on the Road handmade dog apparel. So, we conceived the Pete 2020 Artisan Latte Mug as a small way to support the campaign and address one of the many progressive, compassionate values that Mayor Pete has put forth through his campaign – namely: the so-called immigration ‘crisis’.


    Firstly, we donate half of all proceeds from the Pete 2020 Artisan Latte Mug directly to the Pete Buttigieg presidential campaign ( so you’re not just showing your support but also contributing financially to the cause.


    Secondly, your purchase supports the indigenous Guatemalan artists and artisans who designed, engrave, and hand-paint every single Pete 2020 Artisan Latte Mug. If you support Pete (or really any of the Democratic candidates) then you already know it, but we’ll say it anyway: the way to alleviate the immigration crisis is not to build walls, conduct raids, or cut off foreign aid.


    So, while we can’t cut a big check or host a fundraiser to support Mayor Pete’s campaign, our aim is to offer an ethical, socially impactful (and also beautiful and useful!) way to support the cause and advance one of the values that he stands for.

  • Thoughts on Immigration and Asylum

    We agree that the immigration laws must be enforced even as we, like so many, support passing better, more compassionate laws in their place. However, what we cannot fathom is how anyone could look upon migrants and asylum seekers with anything other than sympathy and compassion.


    They who have the audacity to confront hardships; to cross deserts, mountains, and rivers; to leave everything behind in search of a better life in a new land. How is that not the Quintessence of America? The truest, original “American experience”? How does that not describe the best of what makes us who we are?


    They are who we were – and we are who they will become. As President Barack Obama said, "We were once strangers, too".


    Just as we aim to offer an ethical, socially impactful way to shop for you and your dog's adventure, the Democratic Party has put forth a group of compassionate, moral people to lead us down a more righteous path. These are people who understand that the way to alleviate the immigration crisis is not to build walls, conduct raids, or cut off foreign aid. Because punishing the people of those countries for their government's shortcomings is not a deterrent and is certainly not moral.


    Rather we must support in word and deed the development of the economies and democracies in the beautiful, struggling countries from which so many hopeful, desperate – and in some cases no-other-choice – would-be Americans are fleeing.


    Now, as we begin to look with renewed hope and optimism towards the 2020 election, on this issue as with the others, let's all be guided not just by our interests but also and always by our conscience.

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