About Us


How did we get here and what's Ruff on the Road all about? It's about inspiring your journey and making the difference in order to discover the most vibrant, colorful version of yourself.

Ruff on the Road combines traditional Guatemalan craftsmanship with the best modern, vegan materials. The mission that drives us is to Inspire Your Journey and our values – what we call Make The Difference – are what ground us.


We are:

  • Passionate about artistry and craftsmanship;

  • Committed to achieving a sustainable ecological footprint;

  • Dedicated to the development and empowerment of our indigenous partners; and

  • Action-oriented in donating $1 to nonprofit causes for each product sold.

Our ruff road began when we adopted German Shepherd Moxie soon after moving to Guatemala in 2016. We scoured the internet for rugged, outdoor dog products in colors and materials that capture the imagination. Like, imagine if Vera Wang and The North Face had a litter together.


Well, they didn't, so we decided to create it.


Why is handmade special and what does it have to do with dog products? It has to do with what we value: our dogs, our global neighbors, and leaving a vibrant world for all the litters to come.

We believe the remedy for what ails the world will be found where Technology meets Values.

Handmade sits squarely on the Values side because it:

  • Promotes individuality and diversity where no two are identical

  • Celebrates what's best of our shared history, traditions, and culture

  • Rewards skill, dedication, discipline, and hard work

  • Is Greener because hands have smaller 'footprints' than assembly lines

We are dedicated to lean production and competitive prices because we value and appreciate the difficult choices you have to make about how to spend your hard-earned money.


We are commitment to paying fair, above-market wages and providing support to our hard working, deserving artisans partners.

Also, we donate $1 from each product sold to one of these meaningful social and environmental causes:

Quintessence collection  ↠  Friendship Bridge to train and empower women artisans

Knots So Simple collection  ↠  Best Friends Animal Society for pet rescues and adoptions

New Horizons collection  ↠  Defenders of Wildlife to safeguard wildlife and wilderness


Who your friends are says a lot about who you are. We believe it and we are proud to measure ourselves through our valued partners.

Arkadia Supply Co produces extremely durable, compact, waterproof packs for demanding travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Sea to Sky Pack is our pack's pack of choice (video).

Giant Loop Moto designs and manufactures soft luggage for off-road motorcycling, snowmobiling, and other extreme outdoor activities. The Diablo Pro Tank Bag is Moxie's on the road treat bag (video) and the Zigzag Handlebar Bags are Moxie's pockets on her motorcycle dog carrier (video).


We're always on the lookout for individuals and packs who share our values and do their best to live the spirit of #LetYourPawsTakeYouThere. If that sounds like you, send us a message and maybe we can help out with some gear.

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Step Out and Explore travels on bicycles across North and South America as a two-person (Tom and Luba), two-dog (Lolo and Phoebe) pack. 

'Mutt on the Move' Wiley leads his persons, Emily and Kyle, on hikes, backpacking, and mountain biking across the Pacific Northwest.

Aussie Cattle dog Melo is all spunk, chomp, run, pounce, and chase. He's always craving adventure and he's the beloved terror of his person, Larry.

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