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Handmade knotted macrame dog collar in bright colors and plastic buckle
Richly coloful and textured embroidered handmade dog collar with no-jingle ID tag ring
Lightweight, durable, and colorful handmade dog bandana with embroidered label
Handmade outdoor dog travel bed in rich earthy colors
Handmade durable and colorful dog leashes in variety of brilliant colors
Colorful, handmade poop bag dispensers for attaching to dog leash
Dog engraved and painted on latte coffee mug identical to photograph
Colorful artwork of dog on motorcycle with woman printed on camping mug beside indentical photo

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HashtagLYP with frame 20200414 230p.png
Woman lies beside German Shepherd dog inside tent looking out on lake scene
white triangle in circle to denote play button
white triangle in circle to denote play button
Artistic drawing of black dog standing among colorful autumn leaves
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